Who is it?

Who is it?

**Mototol is a Romanian paper products brand for daily use.

A napkin is a napkin. The same as a paper towel is a paper towel and a toilet paper roll is a toilet paper roll. No symphonies, no poetries, no clouds or cute puppies needed - although no one contests the cuteness of cute puppies.

Your nose is runny. Or you are making the tiles dirty when you're cooking. Or you sit at the table, drop some sauce, spill the wine bottle while reaching the salad, afterwards you spill the salad on somebody at the table. Clear problems, with a clear solution: wipe with a napkin.

The idea is that any problem you have, you want a good napkin. A napkin made of paper that is not too rough but not too soft either. A good napkin has a very good absorption capacity.

Let's go further. If, for example, you need to wipe some stains off the kitchen table, you do it with whatever comes handy. Napkins, paper towel or even toilet paper, it doesn't matter. However when your parents-in-law are coming to visit maybe you should not put toilet paper instead of napkins next to the tableware.

All of this just to highlight that yes, Mototol has the everyday napkins, decorative napkins, premium napkins and special tissue boxes made for car use. All of them with a high quality, ready to come in your help whatever the situation is.

Not for no reason the descriptor that accompanies Mototol is « – helpful ».

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